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Moving to a new place is like the beginning of a new life, and this new life must necessarily begin with pleasant emotions, which, unfortunately, are not so many considering all the complexities of the entire move process. Being aware of all the do's and do-not-do's of any move, we at ZeroMax Moving and Storage do everything to let our customers get only the best memories of the move. The use of quality moving supplies in NYC for packing service is an option that we highly recommend to all our clients. Despite requiring small extra expenses, supplies and moving boxes in New York can become the best guarantee that all your belongings will reach the destination point safely and unharmed, making you happy in the new place.

Why people choose us?

Personalizing each move

We can customize the relocation process to meet your demands and preferences. Our movers can fully pack and unpack your belongings, supply boxes and packing material, and do whatever else you need to make a calm and easy move day guaranteed.


Our management, movers, and sales staff have years of industry expertise. We can answer any of your questions and make certain that we take all of the required procedures to guarantee that your moving goes as smoothly as possible.


We are a multi-service moving agency, which means we can manage your move from the very beginning to end. Whether you're relocating a small suburban apartment or a large business office in the city center, you can rely on us to handle every detail of your relocation.

Happy customers

The majority of our customers come to us by recommendation, which indicates that we have a lot of satisfied clients. Check out our website for numerous moving company reviews!

best place to buy moving boxes nyc

Moving supplies types

There are several kinds of supplies that we recommend using when relocating. The main of them are stretch and bubble wrap, tapes, and various boxes. The main supplies’ features are listed as follows: 

  • Stretch wrap. Used to protect furniture and soft surfaces from damage.
  • Boxes for moving in NYC.  Big and medium-sized boxes are distinguished by their durability, it is recommended to use them when transporting valuable items.
  • Scotch tape.  Scotch tape will help to securely fix boxes, wraps, and protect the cargo from moisture, dust, and other unpleasant situations.
  • Bubble wrap. This type of packaging is best used when transporting fragile items made from glass, plaster, ceramic, mirrors, etc. It is able to reliably protect fragile products from external influences and falling.

The main difficulty is to correctly calculate the number of supplies you need. Contact us to get a quote and order moving boxes online for your future move.

Cost of moving boxes in NYC

SuppliesSizeCost of Each
Box for moving books 12 x 12.5 x 17 inchesBook box 12 x 12.5 x 17 inches$4.00
Box for moving clothes 16 x 16 x 18 inchesLinen box 16 x 16 x 18 inches$5.00
Box for moving China box 18 x 18 x 28 inchesChina box 18 x 18 x 28 inches$10.00/ $12.00 w/packing
Books moving box 12 x 12.5 x 17 inchesBook box 12 x 12.5 x 17 inches$4.00
Tape for movingRolls of tape few rollsFREE
Moving suppliesWhite paper 25 lb$25.00

Why to use boxes for moving

Each move requires organizing transportation for items of different characteristics: furniture, appliances, bulk things, clothing, fragile dishes, etc. To ensure no damage to your belongings our experts use various moving and packing supplies like boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, scotch tape, wrapping paper, etc.

Our company offers moving supplies that provide:

  • protection of items from scratching, contamination, moisture;
  • the possibility of warehousing and storage of goods;
  • convenient sorting of shipping items;
  • the ability to quickly pack and unpack things;
  • the possibility of convenient attachment of large-sized items in the truck.

Moreover, storage boxes for moving and supplies are compact and do not increase the volume of the transported cargo. Due to their single-use, we make the cost affordable and do not harm your move budget. Take care of your belongings, purchase the necessary moving supplies, and you will be satisfied!

Packing tips for the best use of movers supplies

Whether it is local or distant, moving is a complex process that requires not only transportation of things but also sorting, packing, and quick unpacking after delivery. In addition to offering the best moving boxes prices our professional movers are ready to share several valuable tips to make your packing faster and easier.

Bubble wrap

The bubble wrap is inexpensive, easy to use, comes in rolls, and ranges from small to large bubbles to prevent scraping and raise your mood after moving.

How to use:

  • Fine bubble wrap is good for delicate, small items.
  • Wrap items with the bubble side inward for better protection.
  • The small bubble wrap is also suitable for wrapping dishes and glasses.

Different-sized moving boxes near you

The boxes are the backbone of any move. You need a lot of them, and different sizes, so it is cost-efficient to purchase moving boxes in bulk from the supplier. Our company offers high-quality boxes that will reliably keep your items safe and protected.

Recommendations for use:

  • Pack weighty items such as books, kitchenware, tools, and so on in small boxes.
  • Light-sized items such as pillows, bedding, and lampshades should be packed in large boxes.
  • Use a bundle of small, large, and medium boxes so they don't get heavy. There is no point in packing a box that requires four people to lift, especially if you are relocating on your own.
  • Pack weighty stuff at the bottom and the lighter one at the top.

Also, do not leave empty space in the boxes, use wrapping paper, towels, or clothing to keep the boxes stable. They will fold better and be easier to move around.

Where to buy moving boxes and supplies

We have a full understanding of the importance of getting reliable and cheap moving boxes in NYC to keep your items protected even if you move nearby. ZeroMax Moving and Storage is the best place to buy moving boxes in NYC offering the best price and impeccable quality of moving supplies. We are ready to provide you with a faultless and stress-free moving experience. Contact us today to purchase any boxes and supplies you need.

Clients about cooperation with ZeroMax

Gabriella L.
Miami, FL

ZeroMax was a great company to go with while moving during the coronavirus pandemic. They were gloves and masks throughout the entire move. The 3 movers wrapped each individual piece of furniture securely and ensured it would not be damaged. They even disassembled a few small pieces of furniture for us. They were very thorough and careful when loading and unloading the truck, and put every item in the correct rooms as instructed. I would recommend!

Kristina K.
Brooklyn, NY

I highly recommend ZeroMax Movers. I received a quote fast and booking was easy ($50 deposit to confirm). They answered any questions I had and helped provided COI for my new building. They also call the day before to confirm and check the moving list. Like other reviewers, the pricing was fair and not outrageous. I had the earliest move in time and our movers even showed up a few minutes before the appointment time. We had two movers that were fast and efficient. From our one bedroom apartment with three flights of stairs plus a courtyard with a stoop to our new apartment with two flights of stairs took a total of 3.5 hrs (distance between apartments was 7min drive). They carefully wrapped our furniture and disassembled and reassembled our queen bed quickly. Wardrobe boxes are complimentary. If we have to ever move again, we would definietly go back to them.

Nisha P.
Local Moving

Brilliant service provided. They were responsive and handled everything in a great way as we moved during an ongoing pandemic. The movers were also kind enough to add couple extra boxes of our stuff and a few small pieces of furniture to the moving list as I had forgotten to add them for no extra charge.

Kerry Francis

These guys are amazing. I honestly will never call another moving company and will recommend them to everyone I know. They were so accommodating. They moved us out of the old place on Saturday, held our stuff overnight as I had issues to attend to and I delayed them so the unloading was done on Sunday! Also, they didn't charge us a thing to hold our stuff overnight! They were on time both days, they were very courteous and respectful with our things, and we enjoyed talking to them. They were not in a rush but were very quick with the move. I love these guys! Seriously, these guys can't be beat. One last thing. They provide the truck too. I didn't have to rent a truck and then hire movers, they are a package deal

Jodi A.
Astoria, NY

These guys were great! I had a fairly easy move (1BR, one person) and I had moved a lot myself prior to the move, after my initial quote. Ron adjusted the price by what I considered a very fair amount. I had two friendly movers who hustled and made me feel like they were interested in getting things done in a timely manner, which they certainly did. They also asked me where I wanted things when they carried them in instead of just dumping them (I live alone, so this was very much appreciated). I only have good things to say and have already recommended them to a friend of mine who's moving end of month. Impressed!

Jeff F.
Local Moving

I had never heard of Zeromax Movers and decided to use them mostly because they got back to me quickly with a quote on Thumbtack and it was very reasonable. After a few communications with them to iron out the details of the move, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best on moving day. They arrived on time, were courteous and professional, and did an excellent job handling the move. I was relieved and impressed. Plus, there were no hidden charges in the final cost (communicating beforehand and making sure everyone is on the same page is key). I would use them again in a second and recommend them highly–great experience overall.

David R.
New York, NY

We were worried about having to move in the middle of the coronavirus chaos but the guys at Zeromax were perfect. They gave us fair quotes for our move and accommodated every request we made. They will break down and build your bed, wrap your furniture and have all the equipment you need. We did what we could to pack neatly and wrap a few things and they took over from there. They showed up on time, they were friendly, and took care of all our belongings. We literally showed them how and where to load and unload and they did the rest. They were great with communication along the way and moved everything so quick. I would not hesitate to use them again and will be referring all my friends to them as well.

Paul Johns

Positive: Professionalism This crew is incredible! They moved our entire early childhood center within the contracted time - plus some extra jobs - all with a smile and positive spirits! There was no request met with anything but "No problem!" They treated everyone they encountered with respect and took impeccable care of each and every box and piece of furniture and showed up on time every day. ZeroMax Movers crew took careful time at the very end to go room-by-room for a final account. I highly recommend ZeroMax Movers! Professional, positive, patient and prompt!

Patricia Odila

Everything about our experience with ZeroMax Movers was fantastic. They showed up on time, were very respectful of all of our items, and made sure to be as quick and efficient as possible. In addition, all three of the movers were extremely positive and happy to entire time, even when having to lift awkward/heavy objects. I was honestly expecting some of the items to cause them to grunt or take issue to it, but I don't think any of them said anything negative the whole time. Great job!

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