Moving 2 bedroom apartment in NYC

Moving 2-bedroom apartment
Service cost 795 $

Two br area

500 - 600 sqf

Moving vehicle

16 ft -18 ft truck

Number of boxes

20-25 boxes

Moving duration

4-6 hours

We are reliable, one of the most trusted moving companies in New York City and we provide the most affordable prices for our clients. Zeromax always make sure that the items are protected that need to be transported or stored. We want to make the process of moving as easy as is possible. Each one of our employees is neat, highly trained and truly treats your belongings like they were their own. From our mover specialists in New York to our management team to our truck drivers, we have some of the best employees in the delivery and moving industry. Discover the benefits that years of service and improving the process of moving can be for you.

Zeromax offers a flat-rate 2 br apartment moving. There are no hidden charges. The cost is 795 dollars and you will receive two certified movers and their own moving truck. They will pack all your belongings and furniture with their own moving boxes and move them to your new home. You can book 2 bedroom apartment moving services by clicking the "Buy product" button.

We have a presence in all NYC boroughs:

  • Bronx
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn